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28 Days Buying Black

Black Business challenge - 28 days buying black

1 support a black clothing designer

2 download a black owned app

3 Work out at a black owned fitness studio

4 dine at a black restaurant

5 buy a book by a black author

6 purchase art from black artist

7 support a black shoe designer

8 purchase a black owned toy 

9 utilize black owned technology

10 watch a black movie or visit a black theater

11 follow a black blogger

12 purchase a black magazine

13  support a black jewelry designer

14 visit a black museum/ donate online

15 recognize a black professional publicly

16 visit a black spa

17 donate to a black non profit

18 purchase a gift from a black cosmetics line 

19 buy a bottle of black owned wine or spirit

20 donate to a HBCU

21 use a black owned travel agency

22 visit a black bakery

23 mentor a black student

24 hire a black financial planner 

25 invest in black stock 

26 purchase life insurance from a black agent

27 open a savings account at a black bank

28 find a black doctor 

Black Spending Power = 1.2 Trillion
Black Fortune 500 CEOs = 3

Black Spending Power = 1.2 Trillion Black Fortune 500 CEOs = 3